What in the World: Greenhouse Gasses, Sudan, Detroit, Dov Charney and an Owl Video

By Erin Rook, Source Weekly
The U.S. Supreme Court has released decisions in three cases, including Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA, in which it ruled that, while the Environmental Protection Agency was getting a little big for its britches  it should still be able to tell 83 percent of greenhouse gas emitters to clean up their act.

The Sudanese woman sentenced to death for refusing to renounce her Christian faith has been released and reunited with her husband  Though her father is Muslim, Meriam Yehya Ibrahim considers herself a Christian, as does her husband. Her brother, who brought the complaint against her, believes she is Muslim, which would invalidate her marriage. As such, she had been convicted of both apostasy and adultery. No word yet on why she was freed.

Times continue to be tough in Detroit, where half the residents are behind on their bill and the city has shut off water for thousands. Activists are hoping the U.N. will help.

Dov Charney finally got fired as CEO of American Apparel after years of sexual harassment accusations and plummeting stocks. Predictably, he’s pissed, and says he’ll sue if he doesn’t get his job back.

In the interest of ending on a light note: Don’t miss this video of a guy removing an owl from his abode using a Swiffer—and the evil death glare the bird gives him for being put out.