Storytelling builds bridges
that connect us to our shared humanity


Our stories are powerful.

Trained as a journalist, I bring a reporter’s curiosity and a passion for social change through storytelling to my equity and inclusion work. I am committed to cultivating compassionate conversations about challenging topics and giving people the tools to engage with respect across difference.

Whether I am writing a feature story, facilitating a training, or speaking to an audience, I understand the importance of meeting people where they are at and engaging from there.

Let’s start a conversation.


I have written and edited for a variety of newspapers, magazines, and websites. My favorite stories are the ones that get people thinking differently. But I also enjoy grant writing, fundraising appeals, advertorials, and speechwriting. I’ll take just about any excuse to craft a good story. All the better if it’s for a good cause. While writing is the storytelling medium I’m most proficient in, I also dabble in video, radio, dance, and art/design. Because storytelling is about more than just the story.

Do you have a story that needs telling? Let’s talk.

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