You Could Be 1/7 Boss of the City

Bend City Councilors
By Erin Rook, Source Weekly

Three seats on City Council will be coming vacant at the end of this year—Jodie Barram, Mark Capell and Scott Ramsay are currently keeping them warm—and you could be just the guy/gal to fill them.

Do you make bold, colorful fashion statements?
Do you know you want to be the mayor?
Do you like my tattoos?

If so, you may be qualified for the job. (Other qualifications include residing in the city limits for at least a year and convincing a minimum of 150 people to give you their John Hancock.) Interested parties can start the filing process tomorrow (June 4) and have until August 26 to get their petition submitted. It’s a four-year gig, starting January 2015, and there’s a chance your peers may elect you official gavel-holder (aka mayor).

All the official details can be found here.

Now would be a great time to start your candidacy play list. May we suggest a little Kelis?